Pecha Kucha #15

Wow! This was my first Pecha Kucha and I think I’ll be going to every one I can in the future. The presentations, the people, everything... generated energy that was so inspiring and lots of fun! My favourite in the fun vein was the skateboard dude presentation, his style and humour was a perfect tonic for some of the other more formal or serious presentations, keeping the mood very enjoyable. I also loved the presentation on Habitat 1976 - seeing pictures of the huge structures over by Jericho that are now long gone, was so cool (in my many walks in that area, I always wondered what was there before... I had heard it was floatplane hangars but had no way to envisage them) - and what an amazing event... hard to think that such monumental human effort is mostly forgotten - thank you for reminding us! The other presentation I’d like to highlight was the Busby architecture one - so inspiring yet obviously embarrassing that concepts developed so long ago (30 years!) have yet to be implemented -- it is so ironic that I went to the VEF CleanTech panel just two days ago, where so mush of this was being heralded as innovative... but oh well, we try, we learn, we try again, we persist and then eventually succeed :) The after event at the Vancouver Art Gallery was the cheery on top of the evening, with installations by some of the Pecha Kucha presenters, plus bonus access to Ken Lum’s exhibit on the second level. I loved his artwork, especially as it strikes a chord with own particular enjoyment of signage - go see it!

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